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15 possible viewpoints on rebuilding better after the pandemic

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Even though we are living in a difficult time, our future is still bright.


The covid-19 pandemic has changed the lives of people in many ways. During the extreme phase of Covid-19, many activities were limited, a strict lockdown and SOP's were imposed to tackle the pandemic. These practices differed among countries. But, the lesson to learn here is that we must be prepared for any circumstances. 

Covid-19 has changed the lifestyle of people in many ways. Work from home and online working practices are being encouraged to deal efficiently with the virus. But the important thing is to be self-independent and powerful enough to deal with such kind of situation. This pandemic is completely disappeared from some countries while others are still dealing with its second phase. The vital thing to notice here is how to rebuild better after the pandemic. 

Here, I'll share different viewpoints you can follow as an individual or community to rebuild yourself after the Covid-19 pandemic and be strong in such circumstances.


  1. Manufacturing at A Local Scale

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During Covid-19 pandemic, different businesses got shut down for the time being, and the strict lockdown was imposed. Even this pandemic has impacted the large scale industries in the developed countries responsible for providing a resource to people.

After their closure, production of resources on a local scale is started instead of massive scale. And this is a great idea to rebuild as well. The local people of an area must be self-sufficient enough to meet their demands and grow their own food and resources.


  1. Empowering the Basic Healthcare System

When the Covid-19 pandemic was on peak, you might have observed that the health system got crashed due to insufficient resources. Either the countries are developed, developing or underdeveloped, everyone faces a hassle in managing the number of patients and providing adequate facilities.

This situation has created a question mark on the primary care system. Does human life matter? If yes, then measures must be taken to empower the primary health care system to cope with these challenging situations in the future. It's essential to create a proper system in this regard. Every country must be able to handle its patients and other residents in an emergency situation. 

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  1. Updating the infrastructure Of Health System

The primary health structure can only be empowered by up-gradation. There is a dire need of it if you or I want to rebuild after the pandemic situation. Other than making excuses, we need to implement it practically.

There is a need to start now. Effective policies on local and governmental level should be made to focus on this issue. Obviously, it would take some time to show off the results. But the fact to be noted is the need of making a start. You or I must be severe toward this issue and play our part in upgrading the health care system.


  1. Building Resilience Against Emergency Situations

In emergency situations like Covid-19, we must be resilient enough to take stand against it. We need to be firm in such kind of problems and be resilient against them. We had observed this situation before during the pandemic situation that the hospitals were filled and there was no room for the incoming conditions.

 God forbid, but we can face this kind of situation in future as the pandemic is not eliminated altogether. So, we need to prepared and firm for this kind of problems.


  1. Taking Care Of Mother Earth

During the tough times of Covid019 pandemic, you might notice that our mother Earth tried to heal itself. Before the pandemic situation, there was over-exploitation of resources, greenhouse and other toxic gases in the atmosphere and many other manipulations towards the environment. But this Covid-19 pandemic has taught that humans have to live on the Earth. There is no planet B or any other place of going.

So, we need to shift toward sustainable development. Also, we have to reduce our ecological footprint on the environment to conserve nature. To rebuild after the pandemic and for sustainable development, this must be taken into account.


  1. Understanding Our Role Towards The Earth

You might have heard the news of reducing pollution and environmental exploitation during the tough times of Covid-19 pandemic. Here the point arises which we need to understand. Are we waiting for another such kind of alarm? Are we waiting for the destruction of Earth?

The time of making excuses and discussion is passed after this pandemic. It is time for action and understanding our role in the environment and sustainability. Also, this is not the only responsibility of environmentalists and scientists. It is the responsibility of every human to play a part in healing and sustaining the environment.


  1. Knowing The Importance Of Technology

Besides focusing only on healthcare and environment, this pandemic has also taught us the importance of technology. The world is progressing so rapidly, and so is the case with technology. Now it is not only used for playing games and watching movies, but you can also earn with it either through freelancing, blogging or any other source.

So, during this period, you must learn a new skill to enhance your confidence and boost your earnings. Despite o being sitting idle or doing nothing, try it out. It would be beneficial in a long-run.


  1. Learning an Online Skill

For better rebuilding after the Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential to learn an online skill that pays you back in difficult times. During the severe pandemic time, many people lost their jobs and were shifted towards making their living online. 

There was an influx of people in freelance market places bit there was bloggers and investors also present simultaneously. People have started learning new during these pandemic days. You also must start.

The influx situation was balanced, but it gives the lesson that you must have a freelance skill to survive in these difficult situations, and technology can be helpful in that case. Try to be financially potent and stable by making a living online. The following figure represented about the Zoom technology has changed the way we connect to remote person with conference call or online meeting.

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  1. Taking Into consideration of Online Protection

You might be thinking that what I'm trying to convey by using the term of online protection. During the pandemic period, there was a rapid increase in hacking and other cybersecurity issues, along with an increase in freelancing. So, you must be ready to tackle them every time.

Also, during Covid-19 pandemic, the work policy from home was applied, which includes the sharing of data through different mediums. The risk and chances of hacking got increase because of this. So, there is a need for efficiently securing the data.


  1. Saying No To Spreading disinformation

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of wrong information was spread by people without any research. There were different theories applied by the ignorant people, the pandemic was given different names, and people were not ready to take it seriously.

Also, those ignorant people guided others in the wrong way, resulting in the mass-scale destruction. This pandemic has also taught us not to show others in the wrong way and adapt to changes. Also, we need to say a big no to spreading misinformation, and it is a primary goal in rebuilding after the pandemic.


  1. Getting Rid Of Traditional Mindset

During the pandemic situation, you might have followed different SOP's to save yourself from the coronavirus. If you're a student, you might have attended the online classes. If you're a businessman or a worker, you may have applied for work from home strategies.

The reason to mention them again here is that they're against the traditional stereotypical behavior. You must understand that its time to get rid of such kind of mindset and thoughts. You can apply these practices again in any problematic situation, and there is no harm in them.

So, after going through the process, you may be used to it. After the end of the pandemic, you don't just need to talk about it but have to implement it practically.


  1. Implementing Equal Provision Of Food

Provision of food is a big problem, especially in under-developed countries. This problem was significantly increased during the period of Covid-19 pandemic. The poor nations who hardly make both ends meet were seriously affected by this.

These nations were also prone to Coronavirus. They have to deal with hunger, poverty and virus simultaneously. The economy of some countries crashed severely, and some survived. But the critical point to note here is the un-equal provision of food.

All humans have the fundamental right to get feed, and sound policies should be appropriately made in this regard on the local and international level. Eliminating hunger is a global, but it must be included as a goal to rebuild in a better way after the pandemic.


  1. Knowing About Technology And Science in Leadership level

During the hard times of Covid-19, some leaders in different parts of the world considered Coronavirus a joke. They spread the wrong information regarding the virus among the communities, which lead to massive devastation in the long run. They delayed the lockdown and gave no importance to SOP's, and they have to bear the consequences.

By the time they understood, it was too late to catch up. On the other hand, some leaders take preventive measures against the virus on time and save their country from the pandemic. Their imposed a strict lockdown on the right time and followed preventive measures and prevent themselves from this pandemic.

Through this, we can conclude that a country's leadership must have sufficient knowledge about healthcare to cope with such emergency situations. This must be included in goals and views of rebuilding in a better form after the pandemic has ended.


  1. Being Creative And Innovative

Another view of rebuilding after the pandemic is to be more creative and innovative. If you're a student, you might have your classes online during this time. If you're a businessman, you might have tried to expand your business.

But the world has changed much after this pandemic. Everything has gone digitalized, including businesses, restaurants and hotels. Online reservation, food ordering, online working have become important. So, you also should adapt to this situation and be more creative and innovative.

Learn new things and implement them in your life. Try learning new skills, and be focused on your studies or business. In short, try to excel in every field of your life and make it your motto of rebuilding in a better way after the pandemic.


  1. Preparing Yourself For The Future

I can't predict anything about the future. No one from us can. But what we can do is to prepare for the future. The severity of the pandemic has lowered down a bit, but we don't know that what will be the situation in the future.

So how can you prepare? Even if the lockdown restrictions are lowered down, you must strict SOP's issued against the Coronavirus. Also, follow all the safety instructions offered by the doctors. Moreover, try to avoid public places to prevent the possibility of catching the virus.

Also, try to be financially stable. There are a lot of options available in this regard. Search on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn regarding the freelance and blogging opportunities. This lockdown, be a better version of yourself.

The above figure presents that the prediction by the world economic forum according to the prior Job reports. It demonstrates that every industry needs superhuman with complex problem-solving techniques that require adaptation of critical thinking and creativity in the emerging business world. Technological innovation has become the number one tool for adapting existing processes.

"Public and private sector organizations should focus on supporting creativity and innovation from entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large corporations similar to make the most of our drive towards a better world." said by world economic forum.


Concluding Remarks

In the end, I would like to say that no matter how challenging the situation is, stay firm and positive. As there is always a chance of rebuilding. Like with the Covid-19 case, I've discussed 15 different views on how to rebuild after the pandemic.

I hope you'll follow them either at the individual, community, or governmental levels and help your mates and affect people recovering physically, psychologically, and mentally from this pandemic situation.



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